Technology transformation for a privately owned paper, global packaging & recycling company ($5B Rev)

Responsible to deliver sustainable and high availability manufacturing and business solutions globally. This included investigating best practices for service delivery, and system uptime availability in a global 24/7/365 operating environment.

A core focus was to align solution delivery under a standardised operating model and simplify the number of business applications deployed across the Group. Transformation:

The environment was challenged with underfunded systems infrastructure, multiple ERPs, and disparate business applications across global operations. The program was designed to remove complexities, standardise systems, and service delivery model that was easily understood and measurable.

Key projects overseen include:

Moved all global business operations onto a single SAP Global instance and delivered one Global SAP
• Migrated of applications from in-house owned infrastructure onto a hybrid cloud model.
• Staff training to deliver a best practice service delivery model
• Reducing annual infrastructure spend by 30% across the global operations.
• Simplifying the business operations deploying one ERP solution.